Genomics Digital Mission


Ears of wheat (Source: CSIRO)

Newly available population-scale genomics data can now be exploited to advance our scientific understanding in health, environmental and agricultural domains. Improving food security by increasing agricultural productivity can play a vital role in feeding the world’s increasing population. The Genomics Digital Mission will use CSIRO’s long history of wheat genetics research and industry links to conduct a pilot study exploring new frontiers in data science for population-scale genomics. Current approaches are unable to fully use the available data and domain knowledge. This Digital Mission will seek to exploit all available information through the use of unexplored and novel analytical approaches. The biological problems being tackled in this Digital Mission include adaptation to the environment (drought, frost), production efficiency and, real-time measurement and intervention in wheat breeding. The results of this Digital Mission will allow population-scale genomic data to be used for the advantage of agriculture, industry and society.