Promotion of Science

The SIEF’s contribution to the promotion of science research and education in Australia includes supporting research undertaken by early career scientists, the appointment or joint appointment of scientists to university positions, and scholarships and fellowships.

CSIRO Macquarie University Chair in Wireless Communications

CSIRO has a long history of collaboration with Macquarie University in the field of wireless communications. The CSIRO-Macquarie University Chair in Wireless Communications was established to support further development of Australia’s world-leading capabilities in this field. Professor Stephen Hanly was appointed to the CSIRO Macquarie University Chair in Wireless Communication in 2011. Prof Hanly spent the majority of his time accelerating research at Macquarie University into wireless communication technologies and the balance collaborating with CSIRO researchers at the ICT Centre in Marsfield.  Professor Hanly’s appointment as the CSIRO-Macquarie Chair in Wireless Communications completed in January 2019.  A summary of Professor Hanly’s achievements during his term is now available.

Lindau Fellowships

The best young Australian scientists have the chance to be mentored by Nobel Prize winners, thanks to the SIEF. The Science and Industry Endowment Fund – Australian Academy of Science Fellowships to the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings are held annually at Lake Constance, Germany

SIEF STEM+ Business Fellowships

The STEM+ Business Fellowship Program places early career researchers with Australian SMEs over a 2-3 year period, with the purpose of breaking down the cultural divide between researchers and SMEs, giving young researchers experience working in industry and fostering innovation. The program is managed by CSIRO SME Connect.  

Fellowships and Scholarships

At the present time SIEF is not accepting applications for any of the following Fellowships and Scholarships. Should the Trustee decide to open applications in the future, information will be posted on the SIEF website and a Bulletin sent to the SIEF Mailing list.

John Stocker Postdoctoral Fellowships

The Postdoctoral Fellowships are named after Dr John Stocker. As Chairman of the Board of CSIRO, Dr Stocker was instrumental in the rejuvenation of the SIEF in 2009. As former Chief Executive of CSIRO he provided strong support for the development of the WLAN technology which ultimately delivered the resources for the rejuvenation of the SIEF. Preferentially, research projects for Postdoctoral Fellowships were collaborative projects between PRFAs and universities with a strong preference for end-user/industry engagement in the project.

John Stocker Postgraduate Scholarship

The Postgraduate Scholarship Program recognised the value of candidates with industry experience ad had the desired outcomes of encouraging return to study and promoting industry collaboration. The Program encourages potential international collaboration.

John O’Sullivan Postgraduate Scholarship

The 2012 SIEF Scholarships program included funding for one additional full Postgraduate Scholarship resulting from the generous donation made by Dr John O’Sullivan. Dr O’Sullivan led a multidisciplinary CSIRO team that developed and patented the technology at the heart of most modern high speed wireless communications systems. The Trustee awarded the John O’Sullivan Postgraduate Scholarship to a student conducting research in the area of the utilisation of scare radio spectra.

Undergraduate Degree Scholarships

The SIEF Scholarships Program offered up to eight Undergraduate Degree scholarships per annum that was available to Science/ICT or Engineering undergraduates who are of Indigenous background or located in rural or remote locations and of low socio-economic background.

Honours and Vacation Scholarships

The 2012 SIEF Scholarships included up to ten honours and ten undergraduate vacation scholarships with a focus on areas with a mathematics/numeracy component. The aim was to help develop undergraduates into independent researchers and gain industry experience.