Research Projects

The funds allocated to SIEF Research Projects from CSIRO’s Gift has now been fully committed. At the present time it is not intended to make any further calls for Expressions of Interest for SIEF Research Projects. Should the current intention of the Trustee change and further rounds be initiated in the future, information will be posted on the SIEF website and a Bulletin sent to the SIEF mailing list.

The Fund supports scientific research that satisfies the following:

  • Grants must be for activities in the fields of natural or applied science for the extension of knowledge, including the practical application of such knowledge;
  • Projects must be for national benefit and must assist Australian industry, further the interests of the Australian community or contribute to the achievement of Australian national objectives;
  • Projects must align with the Fund’s Strategic Objectives; and
  • Projects may include research for special purpose areas.


  • All proposals for Research Projects must align with the SIEF Primary Purpose and at least one Special Purpose Area as well as with the priorities of the requesting institution
  • Eligibility is extended to national and international* universities, other Publicly Funded Research Agencies (PFRA), and other research focused institutions. (*Subject to the funded research meeting the SIEF Primary Purpose of benefit to Australia).
  • Collaborative proposals (involving more than a single institution) are preferred.
  • The quality as well as relevance of proposal will be reviewed by expert peers.
  • The ‘additionality’ test will apply to all funded investments. It is common practice test where supported activities must be above and beyond or ‘additional’ to business as usual. The Fund will however consider proposals for research that are complementary to an institution’s own research.
  • Funding will target research areas in line with the SIEF Special Purpose Areas, as identified below
  • Grants for Research Projects to be funded up to the value of $1-2M pa for a term of 3-5 years with proponents encouraged to co-invest resources (may be as in-kind).
  • Assessment of proposals (for Stage 1 and 2) will be conducted by the SIEF Expert Panel who will also seek advice from external experts as necessary; Recommendations will be made to the Advisory Council and Trustee.
  • All investments are subject to a final decision by the Trustee.

Further Information

For further information about past rounds, selection criteria or assessment information please visit the Research Projects archive page.