What has been funded

Experimental Development Program

The SIEF Experimental Development Program (EDP) is designed to address a significant gap in current funding options available for progressing technology development to a stage suitable for attracting commercial investment and market uptake. View the full list of funded Experimental Development Programs.

STEM+ Business Fellowship Program

The STEM+ Business Fellowship Program places early career researchers with Australian SMEs for a 2-3 year period, with the purpose of breaking down the cultural divide between researchers and SMEs, giving young researchers experience working in industry, and fostering innovation. The program is managed by the CSIRO SME Engagement Centre and is expected to deliver at least 75 FTE person-years during the term of the program (i.e. 25 scholarships of 2-3 years). View the full list of funded STEM+ Business Fellowship placements.

Research Projects Program

This Program incorporates the Emerging Research, Strategic Research and Supporting Research Special Purpose Areas. Apart from the initial grant which were made in fulfillment of CSIRO’s wishes expressed in the conditions of the first gift, the grants are awarded through open rounds, assessed competitively. View the full list of funded Research Projects.

Special Research Program

The Trustee of the Science and Industry Endowment Fund, together with SIEF’s Advisory Council, from time to time identify activities that align with the Purpose and Strategic Objectives of SIEF but that are outside the scope of SIEF’s Research Projects, Research Infrastructure and Promotion of Science programs. These activities generally represent funding gaps in the National Innovation System and are funded under the SIEF Special Research Program.

Promotion of Science

The SIEF’s contribution to the promotion of science research and education in Australia includes supporting research undertaken by early career scientists, the appointment or joint appointment of scientists to university positions, and scholarships and fellowships. View the full list of funded Promotion of Science Activities.

Research Infrastructure

Landmark Research Infrastructure comprises the creation or development of nationally significant facilities for the conduct of research.  Read more.

SIEF National Missions Collaboration Program

The SIEF National Missions Collaboration Program (SNMCP) will support Australian-based research teams to undertake science and research activities addressing national priorities and contribute to achieving Australia’s national objectives. It will support projects that deliver on the objectives of CSIRO Missions and enable ecosystem wide collaboration. 

Global Centers Program

Australia’s participation (via CSIRO) in the Global Centers: Use-Inspired Research Addressing Global Challenges in Climate Change and Clean Energy is the first activity to be supported by the SNMCP. The SNMCP will contribute $7 million for Australian participation. CSIRO is a Funding Partner Agency in the Global Centers.