What has been funded – STEM+ Business Fellowship Program


The STEM+ Business Fellowship Program provides a mechanism for Early Career Researchers (ECR) to build new skills and relationships with industry. ECR, research organisations and small and medium sized (SME) Australian businesses will work together to develop innovative commercial solutions that build Australia’s national competitiveness.

Company Research Organisation Early Career Researcher Project Title

Ytek Pty Ltd

Deakin University

Dr James Zhang

Automated Performance Evaluation using Computational Intelligence

Dyesol Limited

Australian National University

Dr Kristen Simpson &

Dr Stephen Wang

Characterisation of Perovskite Solar Cells

Cell Care Australia Pty Ltd

Monash University

Dr Abhilasha Tiwari

Umbilical Cord Blood Cells and their Neurotrophic Factors for the Treatment of Neurological Disorders

Sementis Limited

University of South Australia

Dr Tamara Cooper

Development of a Prototype Immunomodulatory Vaccine for Cat Allergy

Infratech Industries Pty Ltd

University of Newcastle

Dr Hui Song

Advanced Materials Research for Thermochemical Energy Storage

MecRx CSIRO Dr Rohan Volpe Cancer Inhibitor Compounds
Pharmaxis Heart Research Institute Dr Ben Rayner Myocardial Ischaemia Injury
Hexima La Trobe University Dr James McKenna Control of Candida Biofilms
DefendTex Swinburne University of Technology Dr Soon Hock Ng Engineering a Plasma Breakdown
CingleVue University of Technology Sydney Dr Liang Zheng Deep Learning Smart Systems
Aquarius Griffith University Dr Ehsan Eftekhari Corrosion Inhibitor Monitoring
Apollo MIT University of Newcastle Dr Longting Lin Stroke Medication Decision Software
Ecobiotics University of Sunshine Coast Dr Trong Tran Plant Derived Cancer Therapies
TPI La Trobe University Dr Michael Dodr Poppy: Intolerance to Trifluralin
Xinova University of New South Wales Dr Sreenu Jennepalli Coconut Waste for Carbon Fibre
Anatara La Trobe University Dr Tang Yongqing Pineapple Proteases for Diarrhoea
Optotech RMIT University Dr Adam Chrimes Laser Marking of HDD Platens
AdAlta La Trobe University Dr Chris Hosking Fibrosis Related GPCR Target
Mayne Pharma University of South Australia Dr Ahmad Abuhelwa Model Based Methods for Drugs
StarPharma Monash University Dr Daniel Yuen Protein Engineering
StarPharma Monash University Dr Ka Fung Noi Dendrimer Based Nanomedicines
Mayne Pharma Hudson Institute Dr Vijesh Vaghjiani Development of Itraconozole
Sementis University of South Australia Dr Liang Liu SCV Vector Vaccine Manufacturing
Puratap University of South Australia Dr Martin Sweetman Advanced Carbon Water Purification
WHA University of Technology Sydney Dr Fan Dong Health Risk Management
Australian Bay Lobster Producers Griffith University Dr Xun Yu Aquafarming Vision Technology
MDI CSIRO Emmanuel Debele Drug Manufacturing Process
MexRx CSIRO Dr Nicolas Spiccia Inhibitor Compounds for cMyc
Pharmaxis University of Newcastle Dr Mark Bigland IRAP Inhibitors and Fibrosis
Leasing Information Systems CSIRO (Data61) Dr Shaukat Abidi Digtal Lease
Vault Systems University of Technology Sydney TBA Government Cloud Security