STEM+Business Fellowship Program

The STEM+ Business Fellowship provides a mechanism for Early Career Researchers (ECR) to build new skills and relationships with industry. ECRs, research organisations and small and medium sized (SME) Australian businesses will work together to develop innovative commercial solutions that build Australia’s national competitiveness.

The objectives of the STEM+ Business Fellowships are to:

  • build deep connection and collaboration between Research Organisations and small and medium sized Australian businesses that allow for knowledge flow between research and industry sectors;
  • elevate the significance of STEM disciplines as skills and capabilities central to industrial competitiveness in Australia;
  • provide practical experience in industry for Early Career Researchers, thus creating and sustaining a cohort of developing researchers capable of addressing national challenges;
  • accelerate the adoption of new ideas and technologies by Australian businesses; and
  • fast track solutions to increase the competitiveness of Australian businesses

The STEM+ Business Fellowship Program presents a distinctive opportunity for SIEF to support the SIEF Strategic Objectives and align with the Trustee’s intent for closer links with industry, including active involvement by industry players. This Program provides long-term, in-firm placement of R&D capability with the prospect of developing the technical opportunities identified through previous, shorter-term engagements between the research organisation and SME.

The SIEF STEM+ Business Fellowship Program is facilitated by CSIRO’s SMEconnect team on behalf of the SIEF Trustee.

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