Understanding normal and aberrant stem cell biology to improve human health

Increasing our understanding of stem cell biology to improve outcomes in human health

Stem cells.

Understanding of stem cell biology o improve outcomes in human health.

The challenge

Diseases such as breast cancer and a range of disorders of blood cell production such as leukaemia, lympoma, myelodysplastic symdromes and blood cell function (e.g chronic inflammatory diseases such as arthritis) increase in prevalence with age. As a consequence of Australia’s aging population, these diseases represent a major national challenge.

The response

In order to gain insight into these type of diseases, the Stem Cell Biology Team is undertaking research focused on the fundamental understanding of stem cell biology and developing a more comprehensive understanding of how resident stem cell populations are regulated. The Team will work together to further understand normal and aberrant stem cell biology, including extensive cellular, molecular and functional analyses of blood stem cells, their progeny and bone marrow environment. This information will be used to generate research tools and identify potential new drug targets.

The collaboration

The project brings together two iconic Australian institutions with highly complementary expertise; CSIRO and the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research (WEHI) to create a team that is world class in fundamental research. CSL Ltd is also part of the collaboration and will be engaged throughout the project to realise ongoing opportunities and to help guide research towards commercial and clinical impact

Projected impact

The fundamental intention of this project is to reduce the health care burden on Australia through:

  • The development of new medicines to mobilise blood stem cells, thus improving the outcomes of bone marrow transplantation.
  • Extensive preclinical evaluation of new stem cell mobilisation medicines.
  • Directly influence in the treatment of breast cancer and a range of disorders of the blood production (e.g. leukaemia, lympoma, myelodysplastic symdromes) and function (e.g. chronic inflammatory disease such as arthritis).
  • The development of technologies for use in blood cell bioreactors.

Download: Understanding normal and aberrant stem cell biology to improve human health brochure [pdf · 73kb]