CO2 Generation

A product that produces pure carbon dioxide directly from the atmosphere

There is a known market for CO2 and in particular for dry ice, where premium pricing exists. Existing supply chains are limited by their point sources of CO2, by their large and expensive fixed infrastructure, by long transport distances to end users and by entrenched supply chains, which creates monopoly-like terms of supply for customers.

CO2Gen technology recycles carbon dioxide (CO2) directly from the atmosphere for customers in the industrial, commercial and domestic sectors. Existing supply chains for CO2 are limited, expensive and unreliable. CO2Gen allows customers to produce their own CO2 on-site and on-demand at lower costs and lower impact on the environment. This Experimental Design Program funded project has helped overcome technical challenges and advanced the technology to a working prototype capable of delivering two tonnes of CO2 per year. The team are now seeking investment and partners to demonstrate the technology on a field trial.

CSIRO, Monash University and Energy Infrastructure Resources are collaborators of this EDP.

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