Monitoring of water quality using in-situ Vesi™system

CSIRO researchers have developed a multi-sensor system for in-situ monitoring of water quality in both urban and remote areas. It requires no on-going calibration, little maintenance, operates for many months even in harsh conditions, and replaces current manual sampling systems that provide only limited and intermittent data. To de-risk the technology for future commercial investment, further demonstrations of the technology are required for new applications and increased device functionality.

The purpose for this project is to develop the current proof-of-concept device into a multi-purpose prototype to address identified industry problems and requirements, and to enable installation in common groundwater wells as well as surface water sites in both domestic and industrial markets.

A series of “killer experiments” will be conducted with our industry partners to achieve the required criteria of continuous data, accuracy, recalibration and size. This will increase the technology readiness level and broaden the user market, thus improving commercial viability. Impact will be derived from scientific outcomes (in the form of technology development and increased TRL) as well as commercial outcomes (in the form of a market ready product providing environmental and economic benefits). The goal is to accelerate the path to industry uptake and make the technology more attractive to investors.