Health Diagnostic Research Project

Increasing the diagnosis of disease in developing countries using mobile devices

Man with an iPhoneCSIRO is partnering with scientists from Nossal Institute for Global Health (University of Melbourne) and Mahidol-Oxford Tropical Medicine Research Unit (Thailand) to explore the use of mobile phones and inexpensive sensors as health diagnostic tools for developing countries.

The team will diagnose disease through breathe and urine samples of individuals who present to hospital with bacterial infection. The samples will be analysed, using simple sensor arrays to produce a ‘fingerprint’ of metabolites and to track any changes in these metabolites, which is indicative of the patient’s biochemical response to disease.

Sensor technologies and human sampling methods which the team are working with have been selected for their suitability for integration with mobile phones. The parts must be robust, inexpensive and amenable to distribution as well as suitable for use in the absence of refrigeration, incubation, and special consumables.

For further information please contact:

Dr Scott Martin, CSIRO,

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