Renewable Chemicals Research Project

Advanced Catalytic Processes for Renewable Chemicals Manufacture

Researchers from the University of Sydney and CSIRO are looking to develop low energy/ sustainable materials platform technologies that utilize renewable resources to produce bulk chemicals, intermediates, fine and specialty chemicals. These technologies have the potential to greatly invigorate the Australian agriculture, forestry and manufacturing industry sectors, linking them via innovative biorefinery technologies. The project comprises two complementary research streams: (1) Chemical Processing, CP, and (2) Enzymatic Processing, EP.Scientists holding up a jar


The Chemical Processing stream utilizes hydrothermal upgrading (HTU) and energy- efficient, distributed manufacturing technologies to significantly advance knowledge in the area of sustainable materials and processes. The novel and advanced biorefinery manufacturing technologies offer the potential for the development of sustainable chemicals that will lead to a new manufacturing paradigm.

The Exzymatic Processing stream will develop advanced tethered-enzymological biocatalysis platform technology that will enable low-energy, highly selective continuous flow processing of sustainable resources. The key to this technology is the assembly of individual enzymatic reactions into complex, co-ordinated cascades, including cofactor recycling capabilities, in other words the development multi-enzyme ‘molecular machines’.

The streams are strategically interlinked through the opportunity provided by HTU to present a common suite of starting materials that is derived from whole-of biomass inputs.

For further information please contact:

Project Leader: Prof. Thomas Maschmeyer, The University of Sydney,
Chemical Stream: Prof. Brian Haynes, The University of Sydney,
Enzymatic Stream: Dr. Greg Simpson, CSIRO,

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